Smart investments start with

smart strategies.

As an independent investment planner, we have no ties to proprietary products.  That means we can utilize any portfolio to help you achieve your goals.  After all, investments themselves are tools—it’s how we package investments together that makes them successful.

We believe if you focus squarely on the factors you can control, you will have taken the most effective approach toward investment success and reaching your long term financial goals.  How an investment performs depends on many variables.  It’s often difficult for clients to control many of these factors such as returns of the markets, volatility, monetary and fiscal policy and world financial events.  However, we believe clients can control others—such as how you approach investing, the factors you deem important in developing your portfolio, keeping it on track, the cost of the investments you choose, and what you look for when selecting your financial advisor.

Using data visualization software, we show you a holistic picture of your current assets.  From there, we work to develop a strong understanding of your income needs and identify the best strategies to grow your wealth, while determining how aggressive and lenient you can be on saving for retirement. 

See how we can help you
invest smarter to reach your 
ideal financial life faster.

Ellevation Wealth Management and Legacy Planning, located in Clinton, Maryland, provides investment advisory services to individuals, families, and small businesses.  We service clients nationwide, with a focus on serving clients in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia) area.