Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

We are family and we understand your family.

At Ellevation Wealth Management and Legacy Planning, we provide support for families to have the difficult, but important conversations regarding estate planning.  It is crucial to properly arrange and determine assets for after death in order to ensure that your financial and legacy plans are well situated for the future.  We believe that this conversation is particularly important for clients who are 70 years of age or older, and it begins with an Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Meeting.  During this meeting, we work to provide a sense of security and confidence in your financial and legacy plans for the future.  

Our team of financial advisors is here to help facilitate this family meeting and we will be your advocate throughout the process.  We understand the importance of this conversation and are committed to helping you feel comfortable sharing as much or as little as you choose about the next steps.

Most of the baby boomer generation have done their financial planning and feel secure they will have an acceptable amount of investments and assets to support their family and enough to leave their children.  We want to help you conduct a positive interaction between family members about inheritances and complex financial planning through trusts.

During these meetings, we’ll be discussing your current financial plan with your designated family or non-family members (account information that is sensitive can be redacted for your privacy) which would be your beneficiaries.  We will talk about beneficiary percentages and the desired outcome of receiving an inheritance.  With that, we will go over your trusted contacts as the time comes to ensure you have the right people in the right seats for you.  If there are updates that are needed, our service team will help facilitate any follow up for clarity.

Trusts and wills may be needed for updates or to create during these meetings, which Ellevation has resources for you that we know and trust.

Your Babies. Grandbabies. Great-Grandbabies.

We’re here to help you from beginning to end.

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