Who We Are

Ellevation Wealth Management and Legacy Planning recognizes the value and importance of “seeing yourself” in the professionals you work with.  Professionals that honor the history, humanity, and cultural experiences of the individuals they serve.

Ellevation Wealth Management and Legacy Planning was founded by Lovie Leach-Yarborough (hence the double L’s in Ellevation…it isn’t a typo!) with a vision of elevating financial planning, wealth management, and legacy planning services with a Family Office-styled approach to her clientele.  An approach often thought to be exclusive to the super wealthy and less accessible to aspiring wealth builders.  This approach brings higher range, higher quality, holistic services and, as a result of creating strategic partnerships, leads to clients having increased confidence knowing they have added some of the most core members needed to have a solid financial team.

It is her belief that with the right strategy, ambitious professionals and business owners can become seriously wealthy and create more examples that our communities need to see, while living their best lives and leaving a lasting legacy.

You have a complete team invested in your success.

Our team of passionate financial advisors at Ellevation is driven to help our clients achieve lifelong success. We work tirelessly to create personalized plans tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals. From budgeting to buy a new house or property in the next five years, sending a child or grandchild to college, or planning to retire in 30 years, we’re committed to providing the best possible solutions available and leaving a lasting legacy of financial well-being. We work together as a team, sharing strategies, knowledge, ideas, and experience to help ensure we’re delivering the best possible solutions for your financial needs and providing the highest level of service. When you walk through our doors, you’ll feel the difference right away.  At Ellevation, it’s all hands on deck, and we take pride in helping people achieve their dreams.  Our team is fully committed to your lifelong success, and we’ll be there every step of the way.  Trust us to be your financial stewards, and with our unparalleled commitment and dedication, we’ll deliver the clarity, confidence and results you deserve.  

Passion is what sets us apart.

We truly take pride in our clients’ success.  What makes our team special is we lead with love because we love what we do.  This isn’t just a job for us, we sincerely want to empower our clients to achieve financial independence while living their best lives and enabling them to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.  Let’s elevate together.

Meet the Team

Lovie Leach-Yarborough
Woodroe Leach
Monique Yarborough
Shaniqua Leach
Lovie H. Leach
Jahnique Leach
Ahmed "AJ" Hunter
Lisa Stanford

When talking about goals, we never underestimate peace of mind.

At Ellevation, we want you to succeed. We understand that everyone has different goals, dreams, hopes, and fears. That’s why we take the time to have thoughtful discussions with you, giving you personal advice, and conduct a thorough review of why and how various investments work and will impact your goals, retirement, and legacy plan. We don’t recommend anything until we ensure we are in complete agreement and understanding with you.

In your first meeting, we’ll discuss more than your finances.  We’ll uncover the real, emotional factors that always play into them.  It’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, so we map out what makes you happy and what is most important to you.  Then build a financial strategy to support it and the legacy you desire.

We know that life is constantly changing, but our personal advisors are always in touch to review and rebalance your plan, guiding you on the right path every step of the way.  You can trust us to have your best interests at heart, and help you achieve your dreams.  Let’s start the journey together!

We get to know and understand the FAMILIES behind the finances.